Walking the World for CAFOD

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School in Arnold, Nottingham held their annual sponsored walk for CAFOD in early October, when pupils and staff were sponsored to walk around the playground and large sports field.

Pupils at Good Shepherd School enjoy their sponsored walk.

This year’s event was extra special because they were joined by three visiting teachers from their link school, Szilagyi Erszebet Kereszteny Altalanos School, in Veszprem, central Hungary.  This was their first opportunity to see an English Catholic school in action and the visitors were fascinated by the concept of a sponsored walk!

The headteacher of the Hungarian school, Halmay Gyorgy, said “We too are a Christian School. Christianity shows itself in different ways in different countries. We would like to build everything that is good into our Christian lives and community, and because of this we are eager to learn from this experience of fund raising. We would like to be able to introduce a similar event into our school.”

Visitors from Erszebet Kereszteny Altalanos School, Hungary join in the fun.

Margaret Williams, RE Coordinator at Good Shepherd, who organised the walk, was delighted that the event went so well and also raised £1700 for CAFOD.  She said “It is a privilege to be able to welcome our Hungarian colleagues to our school and to share the different strengths that both cultures enjoy. It would be fantastic if, as a result of their visit, they too become fundraisers for CAFOD”

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