Children sleep rough for CAFOD

Pupils at Good Shepherd Primary School, Arnold, Nottingham have spent a night sleeping rough to raise awareness of homelessness and raise money for CAFOD.  150 children, aged 5-11, gave up their beds in exchange for a cardboard box on the floor of the school hall. 

The night began with supper from the school “soup kitchen”.  After watching a film together, the children took part in a Liturgy for the homeless led by headteacher, Mr Whittle. Later in the evening, their Parish Priest, Fr John Sherrington, said bedtime prayers. 

After a busy and fun evening, the children settle down for the night

There was a lovely atmosphere as the children helped each another to settle down – laughing, chatting and enjoying  their torch lights together.  One 5 year old boy, when asked what he had enjoyed most, merely said “When can we be homeless again?”

Margaret Williams, RE co-ordinator at the school said “This was a very enjoyable and worthwhile event where the whole community worked together to make it successful.”

One thought on “Children sleep rough for CAFOD

  1. As a parent of the school I would like to thank all the teachers for their dedication and commitment to all the children in their care, particularly on the night of the sleepover. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself and had a greater understanding and empathy of others less fortunate. The great sense of community was very evendent as is the case in the numerous events that take place in this excellent school.

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