Briars Visitors Build World Gifts Village

Young people at the Briars give their spare change to CAFOD

Generous young people going on retreat to the Diocesan Youth Centre in Crich have been supporting CAFOD’s World Gifts programme.

The team at Crich have created a village scene in the Tuck Shop and are encouraging young people to put their spare change in the CAFOD tin.  At the end of their retreat, the young people vote for what they want to buy from the World Gifts catalogue. These items are then added to the village  with a label showing the name of their group.  They have had great fun making model pigs and goats etc!

Thanks to these secondary schools and parish groups for taking part so far:-

St Martin’s School – Stoke Golding, De Lisle School – Loughborough, Our Lady’s Convent School – Loughborough, St Francis Parish Confirmation Group – Long Eaton, All Saints School – Mansfield, The Becket School – Nottingham, The Trinity School, – Nottingham, Christ the King School – Nottingham, St Bede’s School – Scunthorpe, St Benedict School – Derby, St John Houghton School – Ilkeston,

 The village is filling up nicely and we are grateful to all the visitors to Crich for their generosity!

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