Alf Lees on CAFOD’s ‘Get Down to Business’ Campaign

CAFOD Supporters Alf and Lynda Lees, who are also keen ballroom dancers!

This Lent, CAFOD’s ‘Get Down to Business’ Campaign is focusing on small business in developing countries and the tremendous opportunity they provide for development.  Funds from this year’s Lent Fast Day will support people starting small businesses, for example by providing a small loan or equipment such as seeds or livestock. 

Local businessman Alf Lees, who runs Henry Lees Environmental Services in Breaston with his wife, Lynda, explains why the campaign is so important: ““To start a business people need confidence. They need a mentor to help them start and develop. CAFOD provides expertise and technical know-how. It provides people with the means to help themselves. Money alone is never a solution”.

CAFOD’s message this Lent is that small businesses can give men and women, living in poverty, an opportunity for dignity, self-respect and security for the future. The can also provide a safety net during tough economic times – such as the global financial crisis.

Supporters can take action by signing a campaign card calling on Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development, to ‘Get Down to Business’ this Lent and back small businesses in the developing world.

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