Fundraising Grows With Plant Sale

Abigail, Joan, Ronnie and Terry selling the cakes

A Charity Plant Sale and Coffee Morning was held on Saturday 15 May at the home of Anthony and Tina Belderbos in Thrussington. The charities chosen were CAFOD and Intercare-medicines for Africa, based in Syston.

How would the weather be and had we given the day enough publicity? Well, it must have been an answer to prayer. The weather was perfect, sun and blue skies. It was held in the morning from 10.00am until and the crowds came, 122 plus about 15 helpers.

It was a most enjoyable and social occasion. Many who came met up with others who they had not met for years. There were plenty of plants, 350-400, in 2l and 3L pots – big plants sell best.

The tip is when you put the garden to sleep in October, lift the herbaceous plants that have grown too big, split them into quarters and pot 2 or 3 in compost. This is your stock for a plant sale.

Soup and Cakes on the patio

There was also a cake stall and raffle and the entrance of £1.50, entitled the ticket holder to tea/coffee, with cup cake/biscuit.

It was well worthwhile as £1440 was raised, to be split evenly between both charities. Anthony and Tina would only be too pleased to pass on any other tips to anyone who would like to take up the same idea (tel: 01664 424853).

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