Walk With Us

On Saturday 6th March Liam Hayes and Celia Deane Drummond of CAFOD’s Spirituality team met with volunteers and supporters of CAFOD at the Diocesan Centre, Mackworth in Derby. The day was aimed at those people who are involved with promoting our work in the parishes so we could re-energise and spiritually refresh them.

The theme of Walk With Us was solidarity. How do we walk in solidarity with the people CAFOD helps even though we do not meet them? This was explored further through the Stations of the Cross and the people around Jesus during the Passion. We focussed on four key pieces of scripture and saw how the theme of solidarity was expressed.

The day was relaxed and lots of time was spent either in small groups or on your own in order to reflect on the texts and what they mean to you. There was an opportunity to write a prayer from your experiences of the day and to meditate on the Stations of the Cross. The new stations of the cross resource (priced at £2.50) was taken back to parishes and it is hoped that this can be prayed in the next few weeks as a part of Lent reflections.

Thank you to all that took part and contributed to the day!

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