Advent Service Remembers Long Standing Volunteers

Bishop Malcolm presents Pat Grattidge with a certificate for her 27+ years of service

Our Advent Service in December has a new addition; we shall now be using the occasion to celebrate the achievements of our volunteers that have stood down during the year.

Kate Nowicki and Jeanne Shenton had both served 15 years as a parish contact, but sadly were not able to join us. Pat Grattidge, parish contact and CAFOD supporter for more than 27 years was there and received a certificate of appreciation from the Bishop, see above.Thanks to Fr Gerry and all those parishioners of St Alban’s who helped with reading, music, serving, welcoming or providing refreshment.  There was a Fairtrade stall and a chance to meet new faces and get re-acquainted with old ones.During the service, Jack reflected on his trip to Bangladesh, and spoke of how communities in the country were being hit first and hardest by climate change. There was an opportunity for people to write a message of solidarity on coloured hands which were recently sent  to the country.Thank you to all who took part!

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