St John Houghton on a Mission…

Year 10 students drew around hands and sent their message to the Prime Minister

Year 10 students drew around their hand with a message to Gordon Brown

 The CAFOD team were delighted to be invited to St John Houghton School in Ilkeston to facilitate four workshops for the students during the school’s three day Mission. Fairtrade, climate change, HIV and AIDS and CAFOD’s international work were all explored,  through a mixture of debate,  activities,  presentations and campaign actions

“This is what God asks of you; that you act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with Your God.” Micah 6:8

This was the overall theme for the mission, which was packed with activity, and culminated in a special liturgy with Bishop Malcolm on the final day. Each tutor group presented the Bishop with a promise of action based on what they had discovered through the workshops.

 The mission started with a thought provoking act of worship, complete with customised news bulletin. The message promoted: who is Jesus and where can we find Him?

Jack reflected on his experiences in Bangladesh with his workshop on CAFOD’s international work. Marie encouraged students to consider HIV and AIDS as a development issue and outlined some of the ways CAFOD works with this sensitive problem

 Rosy Townsend and Joe Mairura rallied the students to think more about climate change and encouraged them to draw round their hand onto the climate banner (see above) which has now been sent to Gordon Brown.

 Paul Houghton facilitated the Fairtrade workshop, getting the students to create Fair flip flops from scrap material. They also discussed how the school could enhance their application for Fairtrade status by reaching out into the community.

 At the end of the first day, Alice and Kepha, CAFOD’s young partners from Kenya, visited the school and each gave a powerful talk on their experiences as young leaders in the slums of Nairobi. They told the pupils that they must not wait for things to happen, but that they must act to bring about the change they want to see in their community. people .

Thank to you to the whole school community for their welcome and hospitality during the mission. Also, a huge thank you for a very generous £900 donation, which was marked for Bangladesh!

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