Carnival Time at St Hugh’s, Lincoln!

Can you see the hand prints on the border?

Handmade Livesimply banner - can you see the hand prints on the border?

Jack visited St Hugh’s Primary in Lincoln in July as part of their livesimply day.  He gave told the children about some of the people he had met in Bangladesh, then, throughout the day there was mask making, dancing, a liveSimply celebration of Mass, a simple lunch, then a carnival at the end of the day!

The Mass, celebrated by Fr John Kyne, was celebrated in front of the ‘live Simply’ backdrop. The readings were illustrated with thought provoking roleplays, and many of the children in Year 3 had something to contribute to the celebration.

 Throughout the day,  Jack was told about the many different ways to recycle and live more simply so that it benefits all of the world.

 During the children’s sandwich lunch (no chocolate allowed…unless it was Fairtrade!) there was a Fairtrade shop selling lots of lovely treats.

After dinner there were more classroom activities including last minute jobs in time for the Carnival!

Straight away the music kicked in, and, along with the drumming club, the children had a dance and a procession of their creations. Many students had made head-dresses and flags, some did special dances, whilst others gave some excellent presentations on Bangladesh!

It was a great day…even Mr Hughes the Headteacher wore his head-dress with pride!

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