Young people engage with justice issues

Year 9 students from St Paul’s School in Leicester took part in a Justice and Peace day planned and led by their chaplain Seamus O’Looskan.

After a couple of thought provoking ice breaker activities, the students took part in a World Values Auction. Groups representing 5 countries were given money based on their relative wealth and then had to bid for commodities such as electricity, fertile land, leisure facilities, health care etc. The results led to interesting discussions – what could the UK do with the seeds they had bought when they had no fertile land? Was healthcare really useful if you had no access to clean water?                                         

A carousel of activities followed which saw students writing contributions to a prayer tree, playing games which involved working together to achieve success, reflecting on the work of a group of young people in El Salvador working to offer their peers an alternative to gang membership, thinking about the effect of the ‘credit crunch’ in the UK and in developing countries and hearing from ex students who had travelled to Ghana with the school the previous year.

After lunch the students heard about CAFOD’s climate justice campaign and used their hands to create a campaign message to send to the Prime Minister before taking part in a reflective liturgy to end the day.

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