In Communion with Creation

CAFOD Nottingham Supporters talk about scripture in relation to climate

CAFOD Nottingham Supporters talk about scripture in relation to climate

In mid -June, the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace hosted a day of reflection on creation and the environment and the possible consequences of climate change on developing countries, which was attended by around 30 people. After and opening reflection, Susy Brouard, from CAFOD’s Spirituality Team, delivered an inspiring presentation. She shared quotations, stories and facts which illustrated the importance placed on care of, and respect for, the environment in scripture and Catholic social teaching and by other communities and individuals.

‘A way of life that disregards and damages God’s creation, forces the poor into greater poverty, and threatens the right of future generations to a healthy environment and to their fair share of the earth’s wealth and resources, is contrary to the vision of the Gospel…The full human development of every human person both now and in future generations cannot be separated from the fate of the earth’.


This was followed by a time for silent personal prayer and reflection in the lovely setting of Rearsby Convent, before a satisfying shared lunch.

In the afternoon there was an opportunity to share thoughts in small groups and to reflect on possible next steps, both as individuals and within home communities. A short liturgy concluded the day, during which participants completed action cards for CAFOD’s Climate Justice Campaign. A final cup of tea and delicious cake fortified everyone for their homeward journey.

“To the hungry belongs the bread that you keep. To the naked belongs the clothing that you store in your closet. To the barefoot belongs the footwear that rots in your house. To the needy belongs the cash that you hide away. In short, you could have provided assistance to all those whom you treated unjustly.”  St Basil the Great

CAFOD Nottingham would like to especially thank Sr. Bridgetta and the Rearsby Sisters for their hospitality and organisation.

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