Vicky and Sherlock Walk for Water

Vicky is Lay Chaplain at All Saints School in Mansfield

I think we forget how lucky we are to have running water in all of our homes. Not just running water but clean and safe water. This shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the richer parts of the world. The walk for water campaign is so important for those in our world who have to risk sickness and even death by drinking dirty water, not to mention the fact that they will have had to walk miles to get access to the water. It is our Christian duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time during Lent. I thank CAFOD for putting together such a wonderful way for us to engage with our faith, get ourselves out of the house and be true missionary disciples. 

I will be walking anywhere and everywhere! I’m lucky enough to live next to Gedling Country Park so lots of steps there and Blidworth woods is a firm favourite. 

Most of my steps will be done walking. Anyone who knows me well, will know that wherever I am, my lovely dog is too. So Sherlock and I will be walking together. I can’t rule out some dancing in the kitchen though, sometimes a particularly favourite dinner deserves a food dance! 

CAFOD will always have my support. I am always so inspired by the sheer scope of change that it invokes, from on the ground aid, to raising awareness and very importantly looking for governmental change. There are many reasons that I am proud to be Catholic and the work that CAFOD do is one of those reasons. CAFOD inspires us all to give to others, to stand up for others, to remember that the ‘others’ are actually our brothers and sisters. A wonderful organization that breathes life into ‘Love thy Neighbour’

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Poor Clare Colettines Walk for Water

I miss my work neighbours so much. It was always lovely to join them in their Chapel for daily Mass, however since the pandemic and working from home I have only seen them twice. And whilst I know they are all keeping safe and well, I still miss them!

So how delighted I was to see their posts on Facebook, telling of how they are supporting the CAFOD Lent Appeal and joining with us in prayer and action as we Walk for Water.

Mother Damian tells me “During Lent the community is joining – in spirit – with Cafod’s walk for water challenge. Praying for all those all over the world who do not have easy access to clean water. Each sister was presented with a Lenten calendar on which they can put the number, each day, of steps that they have walked in solidarity”

Last night (Sunday) we had a ‘walking for water’ vespers, we had 3 little shrines in different rooms, connected with water in the scriptures.

1. Abraham’s well in Genesis 21. 2. The pool of Bethesda, in John 5, which is in the centre of the picture, we used the little stirrer to stir the water as we each prayed for someone’s healing. 3. The water used to baptise the eunuch in Acts 8.

Water is life, a gift from God, may everyone have life in its fullness.

We also have a prayer on all the taps in the monastery so that our prayers are lifted up continuously in support of CAFOD and the many charities working to bring water to all.”

Thank you Sister’s for holding us all in prayer – in fact I want to use the term Sr Juliana used one time – tucking us under her arm and carrying us in prayer!

Many, many blessings on the community of Poor Clare Colettines in Bulwell, Nottingham

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Fr Andrew Walks for Water

I am parish priest of the Parish of the Most Holy & Undivided Trinity, the Catholic Church in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham, a large area in north eastern Lincolnshire where the Diocese of Nottingham meets the North Sea. Water has always been part of my life – I was born and brought up in Pembrokeshire, with its beautiful coast and beaches, and I am now fortunate enough to have a lovely promenade to walk and cycle along the south shore of the Humber – my parishioners will see me out and about on my bike or on foot, my green laces being a bit of a giveaway! By walking for water, I will put into practice my belief that all people should have access to clean water and that there should be no more water poverty.

CAFOD does wonderful work in supporting some of our most vulnerable sisters and brothers throughout the world with practical help and, by campaigning for justice, it helps every child, woman and man has an inviolable right to live because we are all made in God’s image. By valuing all in the name of Jesus the Christ, no matter what people’s story or background, we can help each other to be the people God has made us to be.

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