Derby to Belper – Day 1 of the Padley/ Share the Journey Pilgrimage

Thanks to Bishop Patrick for putting Vincent Cundy in touch with me. This is Vincent’s 11th year of organising the four-day Padley Pilgrimage and it seemed fitting to combine it with Share the Journey. Day 1 started with Mass in the Bridge Gate Convent Chapel, celebrated by Fr Paul, visiting from Arusha in Tanzania. Padley 1After tea and toast kindly provided by the Sisters, we made our way to St Mary’s Bridge, where on 25th July 1588, Nicholas Garlick, Robert Ludlam and Richard Simpson were hung drawn and quartered and their remains draped over the chapel entrance. Garlick and Ludlam, two Roman Catholic priests, were arrested at Padley Manor and brought to Derby for trial on a charge of High Treason, together with Simpson another priest who was already in custody. After conviction, they spent their last night at the chapel which was then in use as a prison. The men are now remembered as the Padley Martyrs.

We began our journey with prayers; for refugees and for vocations and heard David’s story, a refugee from South Sudan. We then headed north out of Derby, walking along the Derwent Valley Heritage Trail.Padley 2

Along the way we passed some beautiful countryside, tackling some very overgrown footpaths and very dry fields (a turf farm).  We took some time out at Little Eaton for a comfort break and continued on to Duffield where two of our group headed back to Derby.  Finding a lovely spot for lunch we first heard Liz telling us Mohamed’s story and remembered him and others in our prayers.  We carried on to Belper, enjoying a welcome cuppa in Morrison’s café and there I left the group to carry on to Whatstandwell as I headed to the station and the train home.

There is something very humbling about meeting a new group of people from different countries (Fr Paul joined us!) and different walks of life.  And yet we all had something in common.  A desire to walk in solidarity not only as part of  Share the Journey campaign but also to remember our past and pray for our future.  And a wonderful opportunity to walk and talk!Padley 3

At the start of the day I introduced my fellow pilgrims to my two tangible symbols of the plight of refugees; the Lampedusa Cross, which will continue on to Padley and the bracelet I received in May when I attended the CIDSE conference in The Hague.  Each participant was given a gift by our Dutch hosts CORDAID; a bracelet made of fabric from life jackets abandoned on the Greek island of Lesbos.  We all took turns carrying the cross and wearing the bracelet.  Other pilgrims will join the group over the next few days, finally meeting up with pilgrims from both Hallam and Nottingham Diocese at Grindleford Station for Mass at Padley on Sunday at 3.30pm.padley

Are you planning a walk over the summer?  Or are you walking on your holidays?  Our initial target of walking once around the globe has been well and truly smashed and we are now on our third loop of the globe!  Add your miles and let us know about your walks.

Organise a Share the Journey walk

Be a CAFOD School Volunteer?

So many shocks at the World Cup this year…… are we in for a chance?  Is it coming home?? Here at CAFOD in Nottingham Diocese we are delighted with our achievements and have surpassed our targets for the number of schools visited this academic year.

annHowever…….. there are parts of the Diocese that don’t have regular visits from our schools team as we don’t have any volunteers in those areas. Areas where we really need to recruit are Lincolnshire, North Derbyshire and Leicestershire.
Would you, or do you know someone, who may be interested in joining our wonderful Schools Volunteer Team? We provide excellent training and ongoing support.

Tricia and Ann completed their training last term and have been visiting schools, leading workshops on Share the Journey and presenting assemblies.  As Ann told me, “I really enjoyed the excellent training from the CAFOD Schools team and visiting schools in our Diocese.  It is a very rewarding way to spend a morning or afternoon. Come on give it a try!”

Tricia, following her visit to St Charles in Measham received letters of thanks from some of the students thanking her for her workshop

St Charles

There is plenty of time to apply and attend our two training days next term. Both days are in York, as we provide training in the Region covering the Dioceses of Hexham & Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Hallam and Nottingham. It really gives you an experience of being part of something bigger, of sharing skills and knowledge and ideas.
Every term we also provide a training day for current volunteers to introduce new resources for assemblies and workshops that we can offer our schools. Why not come along to the next one to find out exactly how we work?


Tricia at St Charles, Measham

By supporting our schools you will helping to educate and inform students about the fight against global poverty and injustice and helping them put their faith into action.

Trust me, you will be inspired, motivated, overawed and impressed by the engagement of our students!


DATES for next term
North East Region Training Day for current volunteers
Monday 10th September 2018 St Benedict’s Church, Garforth,  Leeds

North East Region Training Days 1 and 2 for new volunteers –
Friday September 28th & Friday November 9th in York

Don’t be shy………. give us a try!  And help bring CAFOD home to our schools!!




Sharing the Journey in Nottinghamshire

On Sunday 1st July 2018, 15 parishioners from 4 parishes in Nottinghamshire added 69 miles to CAFODs Share the Journey totaliser.

Ann and Roger Neale from St Joseph’s in Shirebrook told me:

“We headed off on our walk from St Philip Neri in Mansfield with parishioners from St Philip’s, St Patrick’s, Forest Town and Our Lady of Help of Christians in Kirkby in Ashfield.  It was lovely and cool in the church as we started our walk with prayers, reflecting on the journeys that refugees and migrants have to take. We knew it was going to be hot outside!Mansfield STJ 1

Half way and we arrived at St Patrick’s, where we were given a very welcome drink and cake. When we finally returned to St Philip’s all tired and hot, we really felt we had achieved something.  Responding to Pope Francis’ Share the Journey campaign we knew we were part of something bigger, joining with our global Catholic community to raise awareness of the issues facing refugees and migrants on their journeys. It was also very moving to be walking with the Lampedusa Cross.   It was hot but that made it even more significant, as we remembered the plight of refugees as we walked, and to be able to bring this terrible situation to the attention of our political leaders and feel united with Pope Francis when he addresses world leaders at the UN Assembly in September.

Mansfield STJ 2

We arrived at our destination tired and weary but happy that we made our short walk with CAFOD. Some took a different route to a different destination and it made us wonder how refugees feel when they walk and have no end in sight.

We managed to add 69 miles to add to the Share the Journey total.  Carrying our bags and the Lampedusa Cross in solidarity with refugees and migrants .  Thanks to the 13 people who joined us and all those who joined us in spirit!”

So many schools and parishes have taken part in the campaign and more walks are planned over the summer.  The original target was to walk the 24 900 miles that circumnavigate the global.  We have nearly completed that…… twice!   So help us make it three times?padley

Our next Diocesan walk is joining with the Padley Pilgrimage which starts on Thursday 12th July in Derby and ends at Padley on Sunday 15th July.  I will be joining pilgrims on Thursday morning at 8am Mass and walking with them to Belper.

And after that on Saturday 22nd September during the time of the UN Assembly we will be walking to Crich Stand from the Briars at 3pm briars STJ